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In the past, silver amalgam fillings were the only types of fillings available to repair cavities. While amalgam is known for its strength and durability, it's not the most discreet restorative solution out there. Today's cosmetic or tooth-colored fillings offer an aesthetic alternative to restore the health of decayed or damaged teeth while enhancing your smile.

Why Choose Cosmetic Fillings?

Cosmetic fillings offer many advantages compared to traditional silver fillings. They blend in seamlessly with your smile, delivering outstanding results. Even if you look closely, you won't be able to tell the restoration apart from the natural tooth enamel.

Our composite resin and porcelain cosmetic fillings do not contain metals that sometimes cause sensitivity and discomfort when exposed to hot or cold temperatures, or in some cases, cause allergies. Moreover, they don't contain mercury, so they are safer for your body and the environment.

Unlike silver fillings, cosmetic fillings bond directly to the tooth surfaces, fortifying the tooth structure and preventing future decay or cavities. They offer a conservative cavity-repair option because they do not require the removal of as much enamel as silver fillings, allowing us to preserve more of your tooth structure. Thanks to modern dental technology and bonding techniques, cosmetic fillings can now last as long as their amalgam counterparts and can be used to restore front teeth or teeth exposed to the highest chewing forces.

What Is the Cosmetic Filling Procedure?

We will start the procedure by administering a local anesthetic to numb the area for your comfort. We will remove the damaged and decayed portion of the tooth and then clean and sterilize the area. Next, we will place the tooth-colored filling in the space and will adjust it as necessary to ensure that it seals off the cavity perfectly and feels just like a natural tooth. We may use a special light to harden your cosmetic filling. The resulting restoration will enhance your oral health and will look just like your natural teeth.

Caring for Your Restored Teeth

You will need to care for a tooth with a cosmetic filling just as you care for your natural teeth. Make sure you brush and floss regularly, and don't forget to visit OliveTree Dental for your twice-a-year dental exams and cleanings. During your visits, Dr. Koshy will evaluate your restorations and make sure they stay in tip-top shape.

Cosmetic Dental Fillings Near Me

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