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Are you looking for a dental solution that can restore the strength and appearance of your teeth? Look no further than dental crowns. These little crowns can be the royal treatment your teeth deserve at OliveTree Dentistry. Our dental crowns offer unique benefits and strengths that can transform any smile. With Dr. Merlin Koshy and our team, we offer high-quality dental crowns in Sunnyvale, Texas, to help you achieve your dream smile.

Dental Crowns

What are Dental Crowns? 

Dental crowns are custom-made "caps" we place over a damaged or decayed tooth. Crowns strengthen the tooth and restore its shape, size, and appearance. We construct dental crowns from various materials, including porcelain, ceramic, metal, or a combination of materials. We can also use a dental crown to help a dental bridge or cover a dental implant. 

Signs You Need a Dental Crown: 

Dental crowns are a versatile treatment option for a range of dental problems. Signs you may need a crown include a severely damaged tooth, a large cavity, a missing tooth, or cosmetic imperfections. If you have a tooth severely discolored, misshapen, or other cosmetic defects, a dental crown can improve its appearance and restore your confidence in your smile. Dental crowns can also cover dental implants or support a dental bridge. 

Consult Dr. Merlin Koshy and our team at OliveTree Dentistry to determine if a dental crown is right for you. With our expertise and the latest technology, you can expect a comfortable and effective treatment for a healthier, more beautiful smile. We'll be with you each step of the way to ensure a smooth, comfortable, and effective treatment. 

The Benefits of Dental Crowns: 

With so many uses, dental crowns are flexible and generous in their benefits. From strengthening teeth to whitening your smile, dental crowns come with many advantages:

  • Strengthen and Protect Teeth: If a tooth is severely damaged or weakened due to decay, a root canal, or trauma, a dental crown can provide the support and protection your tooth needs to prevent further damage and maintain its function.
  • Cosmetic Boost: Dental crowns can cover stains, chips, cracks, and other cosmetic imperfections on your teeth, leaving you with a bright and beautiful smile.
  • Chew and Speak Properly: A damaged or missing tooth can make eating and speaking difficult. After it, it can be challenging to talk with missing teeth. Dental crowns can restore your teeth's function and improve your oral health. 
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Dental crowns are designed to be durable and can last a long time with proper care and maintenance. With regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups, your dental crown can sparkle for years. 
  • Address Various Dental Issues: Dental crowns are versatile and can address various dental problems, from decay and damage to cosmetic concerns and tooth loss. Dental crowns are flexible in their usage, from dental bridges, implants, or capping off a root canal treatment. 

Are Dental Crowns Safe? 

Are dental crowns safe? Yes, dental crowns are a safe and effective dental solution. However, as with any dental procedure, there may be some risks and complications, such as tooth sensitivity, discomfort, or the need for additional dental work in the future. Before recommending this treatment, we'll discuss the risks and benefits of dental crowns.

Dental Crowns in Sunnyvale, Texas

Dental crowns are a magical solution for restoring your smile's health and beauty. And with the skilled and compassionate care provided by Dr. Merlin Koshy and our team, you can expect a royal treatment that leaves you with a stunning, lasting result. With us, your smile can be healthy and happy every day. 

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